Legacy of the Void Beta Patch 2.5.2

Legacy of the Void Beta Patch 2.5.2

U posljednjem beta LOTV patchu Blizzard donosi novi unit za Terrana te poboljšani chat te popravak velikog broja bugova. Osim toga, borrow upgrade je vraćen za Roacheve a Swarm Hostovi se više ne mogu kretati kada su zakopani.


  • Chat System
    • The old StarCraft II Chat System has been removed and a new embedded chat dialogue has been added.
    • Type /help into chat for a full list of commands.
  • Friends List
    • The Friends List has been given a slight visual refresh and should feel more responsive.
    • Players Near You has been moved from the Home Screen and placed into the Friends List.


  • Gas geysers now contain 2000 gas.
  • Mini-map
    • Units and buildings on the mini-map have a black border around them once again.

Bug Fixes

  • Adepts can no longer phase into buildings under construction.
  • Lurker attacks should no longer be visible through the Fog of War.
  • Cyclones will no longer automatically target disguised changelings when Lock On is set to Auto-Cast.
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